Wysong 175-Ton Brake Press – 1996 (Portland, OR Metro Area) SOLD 2021

Wysong Brake Press
Model: MTH 175-144
Serial No.: Available for Serious Inquiry
Electrics: 460 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle
Main Motor: 15 HP
Year: 1996, 1st owner

Features and Specifications:
…Capacity: 175 Ton
…Bending Length: 144”
…Between Columns: 126”
…Max Die Space (Open Height): 17”
…Adjustment (Closed Height): 9”
…Stroke: 8”
…Bed Top Width: 8.25″
…Throat: 8” to CL of Bottom Die
…50-Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir
…Approach Speed: 300 IPM
…Press Speed: 22 IPM
…Return Speed: 240 IPM
…Manual Back Gauge Adjustment (see pics)
…One-Shot Lube System for Ram Ways
…Speed Control System (currently disabled)
…Foot Pedal Actuated
…Front Support Arms: 24” (see pics)
…Palm Button Controls
…4-Way Die Assembly: 146” in length (see pics)
…Rack of miscellaneous tooling (see pics)

* Specifications taken from OEM literature and 1st-hand inspection.

Overall Dimensions (as measured): 154” x 70” x 108”
Weight (approx.): 26,000 lbs. not including tooling

Functionality Notes:

This machine is presently under power; machine is going to be moved into storage in one week, November 10, 2021, to make room for new equipment. If Buyer can have transportation on site when machine is moved, rigging and loading expense will be nullified.

Speed control system disconnected because operators did not use it.

A couple of the palm buttons require replacement. Minor leak in the hydraulic system solenoid in the back of the unit; does not effect machine capability.

One cylinder weeps a little; again, this does not effect capability or bending capacity.


Equipment is presently under power; available for inspection.
Buyer responsible for loading onto transportation.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.



Video Link
Taken at Seller’s Shop on 11/3/21 by MDES: