The Machinist’s Bedside Reader (Guy Lautard) SOLD 2019

Title: The Machinist’s Bedside Reader
Author: Guy Lautard
ISBN: 0-9690980-2

Description: “The Machinist’s Bedside Reader series are among the most popular books ever written for machinists! Written in a relaxed style, you’ll actually enjoy reading technical information. The subtitle of the first book says it all: Projects, hints, tips and anecdotes of the trade. These books include detailed instructions and fully dimensioned working drawings for numerous tools and accessories you will want to make for use in your shop. (Even if you’re a novice, you’ll find the instructions easy to follow and very detailed.) They also contain much useful and timesaving shop know-how, some of which is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. The information in these books has been gleaned from many and varied sources, including experienced machinists (and home shop guys) who are willing to share what they know. This first book includes fully dimensioned, working drawings and detailed instructions for several interesting projects including 15 practical machinists tools and lathe accessories such as: a finger plate (flat vise), a caliper-type knurling tool, a jig for sharpening small drills (1/8″ to #60), 3 accessory lathe faceplates …. a handsome box latch that will mystify your friends a shop-made sling swivel base PLUS you’ll learn much useful shop know-how to help you get things done faster and easier in your shop. how to sharpen a center punch – properly. what lube to use for tapping and machining copper how to design and fit split cotters. how to hold thin work in the lathe chuck. You’ll also enjoy the several machine shop anecdotes, and the fascinating account of a little lathe made “from nothing” in a Japanese POW camp. And you’ll learn “The Secret of the Old Master,” in a heartwarming story by Lucian Cary. One machinist reported that he got a pay raise as a direct result of using a tip from these books because he had enabled his employer to do a job for a profit instead of a loss!”

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