Radial Drill – 5′ Arm x 14″ Column (Roseburg, OR)

Radial Drill
Make/Model/Age: Unknown
Electrics: 220-440 Volt / 3 Phase / 50-60 Cycle / 17.2-8.6 Amps
Motor: 5 HP / 1450-1750 RPM (integrated transformer)

Features and Specifications:
…Column Height: 67”
…Column Diameter: 14”
…Arm: 5’
…Main Table: 50” x 21” / Auxiliary Table: 12” x 12”
…Multiple Speeds (4): L,2,3,4
…Spindle: 2” Diameter
…Tooling: Lot of Miscellaneous Drills
** Specifications per inspection measurements and interview with shop operators.

Overall Machine Dimensions: 10’ x 3’ x 10’ Tall
Machine Weight (estimated): 8,500 lbs.

Functionality Notes: Machine is a good runner; no mechanical or electrical problems.


Equipment is under power; machine is available for inspection.
Loading fees are separate; can negotiate at time of sale.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.



Video Links (taken at owner’s shop by MDES and current owner):

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