Powermatic Drill (Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA Metro Area)

Drill w/ Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Manufacturer: Powermatic (Made in USA)
Model: 1200-HD HEAD 460
Serial No.: 0312020082
Electrics: 230-460 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle
Power: 2 HP / 1740 RPM

Features and Specifications:
…Table: 2′ x 3′
…Size: 20″
…Pulley Drive
…Throat Depth: 10″
…Drilling Capacities:
……Cast Iron: 1″ Drill; 1-1/2″ Tapping
……Steel: 3/4″ Drill; 1-1/4″ Tapping
…Low Speed / High Speed Ranges
……50 – 500 RPM (Low)
……200 – 1820 RPM (High)
…VFD Drive for Electronic Speed Control

Machine Dimensions (approx.): 27″ x 35″ x 69″ Tall
Machine Weight (approx.): 650 lbs.

EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Portland / Vancouver Metro Area

Equipment is currently under power; available for inspection.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.
Seller agrees to load equipment on Buyer’s transportation.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or discuss purchase details.



Video of Powermatic Drill in Operation
Taken at owner’s shop in May 2020