Machinery’s Handbook and Guide 26 (John M. Amiss, Franklin D. Jones, and Henry H. Ryffel) SOLD 2019

Title: Machinery’s Handbook and Guide 26
Author: John M. Amiss, Franklin D. Jones, and Henry H. Ryffel
ISBN: 0-8311-2688-X; 978-0831126995

Description: “While virtually every section has been carefully reviewed and updated to one degree or another, the following are the most notable improvements:
…Nearly 100 pages longer overall than prior editions.
…An expanded table of contents and index to make finding information easier and faster.
…Expanded coverage of speeds and feeds, including new material on grinding.
…A new and innovative presentation on the econometrics of machining and grinding which is designed to help lower unit manufacturing costs and/or maximize production output in the most cost-effective way.
…An expanded mathematics section, including new coverage of coordinate systems and interpolations.
…Aside from changes in content (and there are many others too numerous to list), the Handbook’s editors have paid close attention to enhancing the clarity of the presentation through improved page layout and graphics.”

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