Machinery’s Handbook and Guide 24 (Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones, Holbrook L. Horton, and Henry H. Ryffel) SOLD 2019

Title: Machinery’s Handbook 24 and Handbook Guide
Author: Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones, Holbrook L. Horton, and Henry H. Ryffel
ISBN: 0-8311-2492-X; 978-0831124991

…Handbook: “Machinery’s Handbook is the most popular engineering reference book of all time and is considered the standard reference for the mechanical industries worldwide. Millions of copies have been sold. The new 27th edition remains true to the Handbook’s original design as an extraordinarily comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-use reference for mechanical and manufacturing engineers, designers, draftsmen, toolmakers, and machinists. Please see the editors’ preface for a summary of what’s new and improved in the 27th edition. As is the tradition, a revised Machinery’s Handbook Guide 27th edition is available as well.”

…Handbook Guide: “This companion to the 24th edition of Machinery’s Handbook provides all the necessary information on how to use the book to solve problems encountered on any job. Contains excellent charts and graphs.”

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