Jones & Lamson No. 5 Universal Turret Lathe (Portland, OR) SOLD 2022

Ram Type Turret Lathe
Make: Jones & Lamson Machine Co. (Springfield, VT)
Model: No. 5 Universal
Age: Circa 1950’s
Electrics: 230 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle
Power: 15 HP or 20 HP / 1725 RPM @ 60 Cycle

Features and Specifications:
…Spindle Speeds: 40 – 2000 RPM
…Spindle Bore: 3″
…Swing Over Ways: 20″
…Swing Over X-Slide: 12″
…Distance Between Centers: 36″
…Universal (1) and Old-Style Tool Posts (2)
…6-Station Turret
…Hardened, Ground Ways
…Taper Attachment on Turret
…Chucks (1):
……4-Jaw x 12″

Functionality Notes: Machine has not been run in the last year maybe more. Owner maintains is in 100% functioning condition; although, not under power.

Machine Dimensions (approximate): 140″ x 60″ x 64″ Tall
Machine Weight (approximate) 6,500 lbs. (not including tooling)


Equipment is currently NOT under power; available for inspection.
Seller agrees to load machine onto Buyer’s transportation.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule an inspection or discuss purchase details.