Jig Boring Machine – SIP MP-5E (Portland, OR) SOLD 2017

Jig Boring Machine Tool
Manufacturer: SIP, Switzerland
Model: MP-5E
Table Size: 35.25″ x 30.25″
…X – 27.375
…Y – 19.625
…Z – 23″
Spindle Stroke: 7″
Max. Pass Between Table & Spindle: 31.5″
Min. Distance Between Table & Spindle:7.87″
Free Pass Between Machine Columns: 34.4″
Sleeve Diameter of Drilling Spindle: 3.74″
Spindle Step: 0.2″
Twelve (12) Spindle Speeds: 50 – 2250 RPM
Four (4) Drilling Feeds (Gears): 0.04 – 0.21 mm/rev
Power Required: 8 KVA
Max. Table Load: 1,322 lbs.
Machine Weight: 11,900 lbs.

Tooling: The machine is provided with an inventory of tool holders, miscellaneous hardware, and operations manuals.

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Machine is NOT under power; machine is available for inspection.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.
Buyer responsible for rigging and loading onto Buyer’s transportation; can provide rigging and loading quotation.
Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase.

Buyer to verify all specifications and options of equipment prior to purchase.
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