Jenny Steam Cleaner (Prineville, OR) SOLD 2019

Steam Cleaner
Model: Jenny 760
Manufacturer: Jenny Division, Homestead Industries
Fuel: Diesel Fuel
Motor: 1/3 HP / 1725 RPM
Electrics: 115 – 230 Volt / 1 Phase / 60 Cycle

Description: Motor, fuel tank, coils, and pump are mounted on a cart with balloon wheels and a pull handle. Water supply is controlled by a garden hose to the holding tank on the side of the unit. The holding tank controls the level of the water being heated by a simple toilet bowl float. The dual action pump on the front of the unit pumps diesel to the heating coils and water through the body of the unit.

NOTE: At one time there was a dual tank on the back: one side held diesel fuel, the other side held soap for mixing with the water. Now, there is just the tank for holding diesel fuel. My guess is the other tank rusted out and was removed. However, the system still works fine. You can pressure wash without soap or you can use a separate bucket with soap and water mixture that feels the coils directly.

One of my local machine shop customers has an identical model that he uses for steam cleaning his machine tools. He loves it; he says it runs beautifully and does a wonderful job on oils, cutting fluids, and greases.

I found this article on the net that explains with pictures and numbers how this one-tank system works. I suggest reading it:

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