HS-100 Excel Automatic Bagger (Portland, OR) SOLD 2018

Automatic Bagger
OEM: Automated Packaging Systems, Ohio
Model: HS-100 Excel
Date of Manufacture: 1998
Serial No.: 98-12XL-xxxx
Electrics: 110-120, 220-240 Volt / 50-60 Cycle / 250 Watts
Pneumatic Requirement: 80 PSI
…70 Bags/Minute Max.
…Programs 24 Set Ups
…Bag Thickness: 1.5 – 4.0 mil
…Bag Size: 3″ x 3″ to 10.5″ x 22″
…Pass Thru: 2.5 – 4.5″
…On Mobile Platform
…Palm Buttons
…RS232 Port / Foot Switch Connection
…Auto-Thread Toggle
…Easily Integrated with Ancillary Equipment such as Printers, Feeders, Labelers, etc.
…Auto Parts
…Electrical Components
…Fasteners and Connectors
…Jewelry and Cosmetics
…Chains, Plumbing Parts, Irrigation Parts
Dimensions: 30″ x 35″ x 43″ Tall
Weight: Approximately 300 lbs.

Technical Website Link: http://www.autobag.com/Media/Autobag/Autobag-AirPouch/Technical-Datasheets/Machinery/USA-English/HS-100-Excel-Data-Sheet-1997.pdf

Machine is not under power; machine is available for inspection.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.
Seller will load onto Buyer’s transportation.
I have the ability to deliver; delivery fee dependent on distance and time required.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase.

Buyer to verify all specifications and options of equipment prior to purchase.
The equipment is authentically represented.
The Seller disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, of the year, model, hour reading, guarantee of merchantability or fitness of the equipment; the goods are sold in an “As Is, Where Is” condition.
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