Gear Cutting Practice (Fred Colvin and Frank Stanley) SOLD 2019

Title: Gear Cutting Practice
Author: Fred Colvin and Frank Stanley
ISBN: 1-55918-088-9

Description: “Chapters include gear cutting practice, spur gears and circular cutters, shaping method of cutting gears, helical and herringbone gears, hobs and cutters, bevel gears, worms and worm gears, internal gears, heat treatment, burnishing, shaving, laping and grinding gear teeth and more! This book was written for industry so there will be a lot of material you can’t use. Better too much info than not enough. You’ll get an education in gear geometry, the best alloy compositions to use for gears (in 1937), specs on keyways, using the dividing head, comparison of hobbing versus milling gear teeth, commercial hobbing machines available, vertical shapers designed for cutting gears, details on hobs, their use and sharpening and on and on. You get charts, tables, nomographs, photographs, drawings, and more. It’s heavily illustrated. You’re sure to learn something. 344 pages!!”

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