Gardner Denver Air Compressor – 60 HP – NEW (Bend, OR) SOLD 2020

Gardner Denver Air Compressor – NEW
Model: L30 – 45E
DOM: October 2019
Manufacturer: Gardner Denver
Electrics: 460 Volt/3 Phase/60 Cycle/FLA: 90 Amp (current wiring configuration)
Power: 60 HP
Features and Specifications:
…Discharge Pressure: 130 PSIG
…Single Stage Rotary Screw
…Direct Gear Drive
…Air Cooled
…CRN and ASME Rated Aftercooler
…Integrated Spin-On Oil Filter
…Load / No Load Control and Timed Shutdown
…Mounted and Wired Wye-Delta Starter
…Multi-Compressor Sequencing
…Sound Attentuated Enclosure
…Second Pressure Band Control for Lead / Lag Operation
…Built-In Data Logging
…Two-Stage Air Filter and Air/Oil Separation System
…Can Be Wired for 200 / 230 / 460 / 575 Volt
Machine Weight: 2,178 lbs.

Current owner purchased machine new two months ago (October 2019); shop electrical capacity was mis-evaluated and cannot use this machine with current electrical service.

Equipment is currently not under power; available for inspection.
Seller will load onto Buyer’s transportation.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase.