Cincinnati 750-Ton Brake Press (Hood River, OR)

Brake Press
Make: Cincinnati
Model: 34 Series / Size: 34 x 14′
Serial No.: 32095
Date of Manufacture: 12 / 1963 (sold to Powder River)
Electrics: 440 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle
Motor: 40 HP

Specifications and Features:
…Braking Capacity:
……750 Ton @ Bottom of Stroke / 520 Ton @ Mid-Stroke
……1/2″ x 18′ / 5/8″ x 13′ / 3/4″ at 10′
…Distance Between Housings: 14′-6″
…Bed Length: 16′-8″ (open ended)
…Stroke: 4″
…Throat Clearance: 14″
…Ram Adjustment: 6″
…Die Space (stroke down, adjustment up): 14″
…Speed (SPM): 23
…Back Gauge: 36″ Travel
…Air Actuated Clutch
…Foot Pedal
…Automatic Lubrication System
…Misc. Die Sets

Overall Dimensions (approx.): 18′ L-R x 5′-10″ F-B x 10′-7″ Tall
Weight (approx.): 108,500 lbs.

Functionality Notes: Unit has front-plate projection that extends length of machine and drops down approx. 48″ into floor trough; machine is 100% functional and capable; machine has been well maintained, in good condition. Full machine specifications, including foundation plan, can be provided by Cincinnati for $150 fee.


Unit is under power and is available for inspection.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.
Buyer responsible for rigging, loading fee; MD Equipment can provide quote.

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or to discuss purchase details.



Video Link (taken at location May 15, 2020 by MD Equipment):