Charmilles Technologies HD8 Hole Drilling EDM (Portland, OR) SOLD 2017

EDM Hole Drilling Machine
Make: Charmilles Technologies
Model: HD 8
Table Size: 28″ x 15″
Date of Manufacture: 08/1999
Made in Taiwan

Machine Description:

This machine allows faster drilling of any hole. It can be used for machine start holes, cooling holes, blind holes or holes on inclined faces. The HD 8 drills by using tubular electrodes. The 11.8″ long electrodes can reach depths up to 9.45″ with hole diameters from 0.146″ to 0.236″. It is especially efficient at drilling hard materials such as hardened steel and tungsten carbide and comes mounted on wheels for portability.

Standard Specifications Found on Net for Same Vintage Model:

Drilling Capacity: 0.0118″ – 0.266″
Worktable Size: 23.6″ x 11.8″
Table Load Capacity: 880 Lbs.
X-Axis Travel: 13.8″
Y-Axis Travel: 9.8″
Z-Axis Travel:13.8″
Guide Axis Travel: 7.87″
Guide to Table: 0.2″ – 14.57″
Approximate Dimensions: 48″L x 36″W x 94″H
Approximate Weight: 1,800 Lbs.

Machine is under power; machine is available for test and inspection.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses.
Buyer responsible for rigging and loading onto Buyer’s transportation; have current quote on file from rigger.
Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase.

Buyer to verify all specifications and options of equipment prior to purchase.
The equipment is authentically represented.
The Seller disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, of the year, model, hour reading, guarantee of merchantability or fitness of the equipment; the goods are sold in an “As Is, Where Is” condition.
The seller warrants that the goods are free and clear of all liens, indebtedness, or liabilities.