Air-Cooled Water Chiller – Advantage – 2017 New (Portland, OR) SOLD 2021

Air-Cooled Small Water Chiller
Model: M1-.33A-11HFX
Quantity: 4 (all priced individually)
DOM: January 2017 (2-1/2 years old; original owner)
Serial No.’s: Available for serious inquiry
Electrics: 115 Volt / 1 Phase / 60 Cycle
Unit Cooling Capacity
…Tons: .39
…kW: 1.36
Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor:
…HP: .33
Process Pump
…HP: 1/3
…GPM: .9
…PSI: 60
…Positive Displacement / Construction: Brass
Air-Cooled Condenser Fan
…CFM: 330
Refrigerant Type: R-134A
Reservoir Capacity:
…Holding: 4 Gallons
…Lid: Standard
…Auto Make-Up: Optional
Process Connections
…To Process: 1/2″
…From Process: 1/2″
Overall Dimension: 18″ x 24″ x 33″ Tall
Weight: 220 lbs.

Units available for inspection; units NOT under power
Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses
Seller will load onto Buyer’s transportation

Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase.