6-Axis Robotic Arms and Accessories – 2 Years Old, Like New (Portland, OR) SOLD 2021

Robotic Arms, Fixturing, and Accessories
Manufacturer: Universal Robots
Age: 2018
Arm Models: UR5 and UR10
Robot Type: Industrial w/ IP54 Enclosure

Robotic Arm No. 1
Model No.: UR10 (UR10 AE3)
Serial No.: 2018 XXX XXX (Available on Request)
DOM: 7/30/2018
Weight: 63.7 lbs.
No. of Axes: 6
Enclosure Type: IP54
Max. Payload: 22 lbs.
Max. Reach: 51.2″ (360 Degrees)

Robotic Arm No. 2
Model No.: UR5 (UR5 AE3)
Serial No.: 2018 XXX XXX (Available on Request)
DOM: 6/28/2018
Weight: 40.6 lbs.
No. of Axes: 6
Enclosure Type: IP54
Max. Payload: 11 lbs.
Max. Reach: 33.5″ (360 Degrees)

Major Accessories:
…AVW Model AV-T-4 Table Vise (6)
…AVW Model AV-R-4 Rotary Vise (1)
…Displacement Sensor
…2-Finger Adaptive Gripper Kit
…UR10 Pedestal, 36″ Tall
…UR Pedestal Dolly w/ Casters
…Donut Attachment, Cognex Micro
…3-D Printed Nylon Accessory Adapter Plates
…Vacuum Module w/ Integrated Ejector
…Navitar 8MM F/1.4 2/3″ Megapixel, Manual Focus
…Sick 8-Pin Displacement Sensor
…Cognex Corp. Vision System
……Model: In-Sight 8402, 2MP, w/ PatMax

Minor Accessories:
…Air Lines
…Soft Jaws
…Bushings, Plugs, Adapters
…Toggle Switches, Adapter Kits

Functionality Notes: Robots were purchased two years ago; used in R&D test capacity. Owner has decided to not use this technology in production. Wants to sell so he can replace with CNC milling machine. See all video links below to get sense of robot capabilities and tooling capacities.



Robots are presently not under power; available for inspection.
Seller will load onto Buyer’s transportation.
Buyer responsible for freight logistics, expenses, and associated liabilities.

Call MD Equipment Services to schedule inspection or discuss purchase details.



Video Link of Robot Operation (taken at owner’s shop in 2020):

Internet Video Link to Universal Robot Demonstration:

Internet Link to Air Vise and Workholding Demonstration: